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Sample Diamond Configurations

While the possibilities with our modular line are endless, here are a few ideas to get you thinking! 


Style: Scallop

Quantity: 3 Diamonds

Measures: 5' w x 5'8.64'' h

Cost: $1,500 USD

Rocket ship 

Style: Thunder Zebra 

Quantity: 4 Diamonds

Measures: 5' w x 7'2.5'' h

Cost: $2,000 USD



Style: Thunder Zebra

Quantity: 12 Diamonds

Measures: 12' w x 10'4'' h

Cost: $6,000 USD

Extended Chevron

Style: Stripe

Quantity: 8 Diamonds

Measures: 5'9.28'' w x 12'6'' h

Cost: $4,000 USD